Take Back Alberta (Phase2)

TBA had launched phase 2 of our project, to elect a ‘solid freedom leader’, to replace the outgoing Jason Kenney as Premier of Alberta.

To help the movement you can:

STEP 1: If you are a UCP member, on September 2 vote for a leader that will respect and uphold our freedoms.

Information on the UPC leadership race can be found here https://www.unitedconservative.ca/leadership/

STEP 2: Volunteer. Host a meeting/ or contact a captain for other opportunities to help serve the grassroots people of Alberta.

STEP 3: Bring people to one of our meetings / rallies (see telegram) in your area and/or host a meeting of 20 or more people. Help others step out of fear and into action. Contact a Captain.

STEP 4: Join our Telegram group and Facebook page to keep in touch with the latest information

STEP 5: Register for the UCP AGM. Our plan is to attend the UCP Annual General meeting in October 21-23 with 5000 TBA members and vote in 9 grassroots members onto the UCP board. https://www.unitedconservative.ca/agm-2022-registration/

These step are just the beginning. Join us as we Take Back Alberta!

Purchase UCP Membership
Attend a local Take Back Alberta Rally
Volunteer with TBA
Join the TBA Telegram Group