Dear Take Back Alberta,

Alberta is YOUR province.

Today, I’m asking you to help me take it back.

For too long, Alberta’s ruling elite have taken advantage of everyday people, thriving on political apathy, censoring those with the courage to speak out, and exploiting the power of big government to restrict our freedoms.

They squander our taxes on sole-source contracts for their friends, protecting bloated bureaucracies, and funding vanity projects.

Not anymore.

It’s time for everyday people to demand better from our leaders and, when necessary, replace them.

That’s why I founded Take Back Alberta (TBA).

We fight for:

  • Results-based public policy
  • Common sense education
  • A medical system that works
  • Protection of our God-given freedoms

And we’re not asking anymore.

We’re taking Alberta back.

You may already be familiar with TBA as the grassroots organization that made national headlines when it successfully led the fight to remove Premier Jason Kenney from power after his government imposed the harshest, most restrictive assault on freedom in our province’s history.

Now, TBA has set its sights on stopping the NDP and derailing Rachel Notley’s destructive socialist agenda.

But TBA has come as far as it can without your help…

After all, freedom isn’t free.

Take Back Alberta (TBA) relies on the support of generous freedom-lovers, chipping in whatever they can afford, to fund our efforts to promote liberty, defend Western values, and fight back against the forces of big government socialism.

So please, can I count on you to chip in $5, $15, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, or even $1,000 or more to support our vital freedom-focused work?


No matter the size of your gift, if you believe in freedom and are ready to wrestle your province back from the clutches of the political elite, be a part of history by supporting TBA with a much-needed donation today.

Yours in liberty,

David John Parker, Founder and Executive Director
Take Back Alberta