Dear Take Back Albera

I’m writing to thank you for everything you’ve done for Take Back Alberta (TBA). Thanks to friends like you, we have made so much progress in the last month.

But as we grow, our task remains the same – to dramatically increase citizen engagement in our democratic processes.

Right now, the most significant impact that you can have on our political system is to buy a United Conservative Party (UCO) membership and vote for the next Premier of Alberta. 

Whether you support the UCP or not is irrelevant. The next leader of the UCP will be the Premier of Alberta. That is why it is imperative that we grow this Telegram group to 10,000 by August 12th.

We need to sell at least 15,000 memberships in the UCP before August 12th at 11:59pm.

Remember, a tiny fraction of Albertans will soon decide who the next Premier of Alberta is…

We need that new Premier to know that the same Freedom movement that took out Jason Kenney remains organized, mobilized, dedicated, and is STRONGER THAN EVER!

Simply put, we need to send a powerful message…

We took out Jason Kenney because he infringed on our Charter rights, and we can do it to you, too.

THAT is why it’s so vital you purchase a UCP membership and help TBA right now.

But the leadership race is only the beginning…

The United Conservative Party of Alberta is having an Annual General Meeting on October 21-23rd, 2022.

There are at least TEN board positions that will be voted on at that meeting.

We plan on bringing 5,000 TBA members to that AGM and electing a new, freedom-friendly grassroots, UCP Board of Directors.

Of course, none of this means anything if the NDP wins in May 2023.

To stop the destructive forces of socialism from wreaking havoc on our province again, TBA must build a big enough movement that we can ensure that the NDP does not win government again.

Another NDP government would be a disaster for our freedoms and for Alberta in general!!!

That’s why, although you’ve done so much already, I’m asking you to tap here to chip in with a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, or even $1,000 or more to support TBA right now. 

With your help, TBA will have the resources needed to spread this simple message to ever corner of Alberta:


The only way the Albertans will get their power back is if they get engaged. The system isn’t broken, we are.

Freedom isn’t free. You have to fight for it.

The time for us to fight for our freedoms is now.

So please, support TBA as generously as you can today.

Your freedom truly does hang in the balance…

In Friendship,

David John Parker

Founder and Executive Director of TBA