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The Personal Sovereignty Tour

Edmonton (Sept 20), Red Deer (Sept 23), Lethbridge (Sept 24) and Calgary (Sept 25)


With VIP Guest Presenters Drew Weatherhead and Graham Wardle


Both Drew and Graham were negatively impacted by government imposed COVID-19 Mandates, both responded with deep conviction and both are passionate and uncompromising in the fight for personal sovereignty;  what happens to your own body, your own family, your own business and your life.  Their message will stir you afresh with a realisation of the importance of taking a stand for yourself and to Take Back Our Alberta.  

Action Focus: Founding TBA Director, Mr. David Parker, will share details on TBA’s ‘Phase 3 Take Back Alberta Plan’.   At this very point in history we have an opportunity of a lifetime to bring about huge changes in our Province.  To literally change the way ‘politics’ is done in this Province.

Alberta is ground zero in Canada for the fight for freedom and freedom loving Albertans are being called upon to step up to the next level, to ensure the ‘COVID-19 fiasco’ of the past 2 1/2 years, never happens again, and to also ensure that Alberta take a huge leap forward in fulfilling its rightful economic potential, and to do so with or without the approval of globalist elite/ Ottawa.   


Join us and bring others with you to hear both the WHY we need to take a stand as well as

the WHAT next we can do that will make a difference!


Tuesday, Sept 20th


The Royal Palace 4960 93ave 6:30 pm.


Friday, Sept 23rd

Red Deer

Bender’s Farm at 1506 Highway 12 near Bentley. 7 pm


Saturday, Sept 24th.


Third Day  Church

520 Wt Hill Blvd S Lethbridge. 6:30 pm


Sunday, Sept 25th


Southside Victory Church. 6pm

6402 1a Street SW


               Prepare to Take Action!

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